What is the Sacrifice?

Participants send an amount of their choosing of crypto to Mandala, and they are gifted a unique Digital ID (DID) for special membership in the Mandala Metaverse. Each DID contains a record of the amount sacrificed and an appropriate amount of sacrifice points, including potential multipliers.

By sacrificing, participants join in the building of a world-changing blockchain experience and entertainment franchise:

  • AAA massively multiplayer online game
  • Location-based AR mobile game
  • Streaming TV series
  • Comics series
  • Global community engaged in collective awakening of the planet

What is gained by sacrificing?

Total crypto sacrificed will result in sacrifice points, with multipliers based on volume and date, to be redeemed later for Mandala tokens. Sacrifice points can be redeemed in the Mandala Redemption Center.

The staking app allows long-term holders of sacrifice points to maximize their presence in the Mandala Metaverse. Those who sacrifice large and early gain membership at VIP and Founder levels of the Mandala Metaverse, and participants in the Advanced Sacrifice stand to receive special perks and rewards in the Mandala Redemption Center.

What multipliers can I get for the Sacrifice?

Advance Sacrifice = 5x

Public Sacrifice:
Early in = up to 4x (decreasing daily)
Amount sacrificed = up to 4x

What networks will the Sacrifice take place on? 


What wallets are accepted? 

ERC-20 wallets
PolkaDot wallets
Cardano wallets
BTC wallets

When is the Sacrifice?

Advance Sacrifice:

Open now to holders of Sovereigns, Regens, and Cryptonauts NFTs

Public Sacrifice:


When will I be able to redeem tokens acquired via the staking app? 


How do I sacrifice?

1) Choose chain(s) to sacrifice on
2) Choose preferred wallet(s) to sacrifice from 
3) Sacrifice desired amount of crypto 

What happens after the Sacrifice?

Participants are invited to the Mandala Redemption Center to claim a Mandala Decentralized ID (DID) for the wallet(s) sacrificed from. This DID will be updated with the amount sacrificed, multiplier, time stamp, chain sacrificed on, and other important information for later redeeming of sacrifice points in the Mandala Redemption Center.

Total number of sacrifice points–both individual and overall–will be visible in the Redemption Center. Sacrifice points will be redeemable for Mandala tokens.

Is there a cap to how much I can sacrifice?

Not until the total Sacrifice cap is reached. After that, the Sacrifice is over and all sacrifice points will have been distributed.

Is there a benefit to sacrificing more?

Bigger is rewarded better. During the public Sacrifice, whoever sacrifices the most in a 48-hour period gets the biggest volume multiplier. Sacrifices on different chains are counted as a single amount, working for better chances to hit the bigger multiplier.